To fill in the report form

First select Submit A Report - the button at the top right of main page.  This will open up the reporting page.

Select Form:  If you are reporting wildlife killed on the road, select the "Roadkill report" option from the dropdown box. 
For other wildlife incident reporting, select the "General report". 

Note:  Fields marked with a red asterisk * are required for the report to be processed.  Other fields are optional, but if possible, please fill them in.

Location: Find the location on the map on the right side of the page.  You can enter the nearest road or cross-street, suburb & state, & click "Find Location".  The map will usually find the right location.  Use the zoom toolbar to zoom in to the right area. You can fill in GPS co-ordinates if preferred, & the map will locate the exact spot. 

:  Write a descriptive title for your report.  Some examples might be:  "Wallaby roadkill", or "Possum attacked by cat" etc. 

Description:  Add a description of the incident you are reporting.  

Categories:  Select the category that fits the incident you are reporting.  Where you see a plus sign "+" next to the listing, click on the plus sign to open up the sub-categories.  Click in the box to select the category that best matches the incident you are reporting. 

Animal: Select from the drop-down box the basic type of animal.  For example, for an incident regarding a ringtail possum, you would select "possum" here. 

Species:  Write the identification of the animal if possible.  In the example of a ringtail possum, you would select "possum" as the Animal (above), & then type in "ringtail possum" as the species.  If you are unsure of identification, just type in a brief description.

Sex:  If you know whether the animal is a female or a male, select the option here.

Age:  If you can identify whether the animal is an adult, or a juvenile (includes sub-adult), or else an infant (includes chicks etc.), specify here.

Other options in the Roadkill Form

The roadkill form is specifically for reporting wildlife killed on the road.  It is used to help identify black spots for wildlife.

Additional fields in the roadkill form are:

Side of Road:  Whether inbound to city or outbound from city.  For reporting in rural areas, simply record it relative to the nearest town or landmark.

Record Number:  This is used by roadkill monitoring groups for record keeping.