250 Powderworks rd - Swamp wallaby

13:58 Dec 14 2012 250 Powderworks Road, Ingleside

Kath Russell (ID: 1517) - M.O.P after hours call for Sydney Wildlife

I took a call from Carlos 0417 225 909, a member of the public, about a dead swamp wallaby on Fri 14/12/12 at 7pm. Apparently it's quite smelly and has been there "a number of days".
Additional Data
SPECIES_ (identification of animal if known): Swamp Wallaby
SIDE OF ROAD (inbound to city or outbound from city): OUTBOUND
SEX_ (if known):: UNKNOWN
AGE_ (approximate): UNKNOWN
RECORD NUMBER (for wildlife monitoring groups): 50441

Credibility: UP DOWN 0
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