swamp wallaby

12:00 Feb 23 2018 Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation New South Wales 2093

swamp wallaby swamp wallaby
Swamp wallaby killed in MVA hit with such force that it was split into two halfes and gender/pouch was unidentifiable.

Wallaby found away from natural habitat in highly built up suburban area with high walls and fencing where wallaby would have been stressed out with no where to go.

Assumed to be coming from the manly dam where recently there has been large section of bush destroyed to expand the local school.

checked by Ed from wires, uploaded by Anna, SMWS.
Additional Data
SPECIES_ (identification of animal if known): swamp wallaby
SIDE OF ROAD (inbound to city or outbound from city): OUTBOUND
SEX_ (if known):: UNKNOWN
AGE_ (approximate): ADULT

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